Generation 4 LIGHT/LOW Build Formula  Guide Wrap Finish

Generation 4 LIGHT/LOW Build Formula Guide Wrap Finish

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Generation 4 (Gen4)  Light/Low Build Formula Guide Wrap Finish features a revolutionary XAR eXtreme Air Release chemistry. XAR significantly enhances both the resistance to the introduction of air during mixing, as well as the ability for air to be released during and after application.

It contains the finest UV inhibitors to aid in the prevention of premature photodegradation (yellowing) and the Catalyst is packaged in an opaque bottle to block exposure to damaging UV light. 

Gen4 also features our exclusive TruBlu measure/mix system. TruBlu is a 'dissappearing' blue dye that aids the user in differentiating the resin and catalyst (both are water clear). TruBlu also gives the user a visual indication of when the mixture is adequately blended and ready to apply.

SYRINGES & TIPS  included. 

Mix ratio 1:1 measure. Mix SLOWLY for 3 minutes w a flat spatula. Sag free in 3 hours. Tack free in 10 hours.